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Several weeks ago, the Rafu Shimpo management announced that financial stresses were threatening the newspaper’s continued viability.  We called for help, and you responded with overwhelming generosity, encouraging us to carry on by signing up for subscriptions, purchasing ads, and making donations. 

Today, we are moving closer to preserving the Rafu legacy into the future and are excited to show our new direction.


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Plain and simple, much of the news items, sports and features in The Rafu Shimpo can’t be found anywhere else.  We focus on the people and issues that help define our community.

In the coming months, we will be introducing new features in both the print and online editions--a shorter format for those that prefer a quick overview as well as longer, more in-depth stories for those who have more time to spend with us.

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With the soul of an athlete striving for that extra bit of strength toward the finish line, a lightning-fast curve ball, or a game-winning lay-up, publisher Akira Komai (1908-1983) remained intensely focused on the goal: Rafu Shimpo must serve the community’s interests, its concerns, and its future.
— Excerpt from Citizen Journalist: The WWII Journal of Akira Komai
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